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Dear people in around the world,

We are ZOYA from Indonesia. We have special products in ZOYA web store. We sell many of veils, such as Bergo, Shawl, and more. ZOYA also have dresses for your fashion style.

If you are interesting with our products, you can also buy it. You can choose the item first, pick how many do you want, which color do you like to buy and what kind of shipping do you prefer. You can confirm your order by :

1. Email to :

2. Send us your message to : +62 8782 19111 08

After you confirmed the order, we will check the item first, if it’s ready to buy or not. If it is ready, we will give you the information to transfer the money to the bank that we choose. After that you will just waiting for your stuff that we shipped to you. And then enjoy your stuff.

This is our format of the order

Confirm your order by Short Message Service (SMS) or E-mail, as simple as this:

Full Name :
Complete Address :
The name of the item :
Color of the item :
Quantity of the item :

After you ordered, please kindly wait for our SMS/E-mail which is told you about the item stock, order detail, shipping charge that you will pay and the instruction how to pay the order.
Confirmed your payment to us by SMS/E-mail so that your order could be process immediately.

For the shipping to all countries in the world, we use EMS. You can also check the shipping charges by open this link By using EMS, you can also track your order status.

Enjoy your shopping.